How to Buy PUBG Royale Pass season 17 in Pakistan

How to Buy PUBG Royale Pass in Pakistan

How to buy pubg royale pass in Pakistan

  1. Those who have been in the game community lately have heard of “PUBG”, or Player Unknown Battlefield. Pub G (Player Unknown Battlefield) is a popular online game. This is the first personal shooter game where 100 players fight on the battlefield. This last man is like standing in the semi-finals where players from all over the world fight each other to keep the last man alive. Players can choose to enter as a team of games, seconds, pairs or fours.


Following the success of PEBG on PC, game developers released the ‘free to play’ version on mobile devices in 2018, which is available on both iOS and Android. People who play PUBG on their smart devices should be familiar with the Royal Pass, which is activated in the game at the beginning of each new season. PubMob Mobile has released the new Season 13, which is part of the recently released 0.18.0 update. The title of the new season is ‘Toy Playground’ which will remind you of Power Rangers. In the new season, you can buy some sports items like clothes, helmets, parachutes etc.


If you are excited about this new season and want to get the latest Royal Pass, in this article we will guide you on how to easily buy PUBG Russell Pass in Pakistan. Finally stay with us and find out how to buy it.

How to Buy PUBG Mobile Royal Pass | iOS

  • You should call your bank first and ask them to activate their internet banking.
  • After activating your internet banking, you need to go to your phone settings.
  • Tap Settings and then your name, which is at the top of your Settings menu.
    Then tap Checkout.
  • Now enter your credit or debit card number (Visa or MasterCard) and provide all other details.
  • After entering all the payment details, you need to open the game.
  • Once you open the game, you will see the Royal Pass (RP) option. Play it
  • Now tap on Update.
  • In Royal Pass you will find two options, one Elite Pass and the other Elite Pass Plus.
  • For Elite Pass Plus, you need 600 UC (unknown currency) and for Elite Pass Plus, you need 1800 UC.

Select the Royal Pass of your choice and tap Buy Royal Pass to complete the payment.


Note: If you do not have a UC, you must first purchase one.

How to buy it? Law

Touch Shopping and purchase the desired UC.
After that, you will need to tap on the UC amount of your choice and then you will need to enter your Apple ID password to confirm the transaction. You can also use face or touch recognition to verify transactions.

CUs will be added to your game account.

How to Buy PUBG Mobile Royal Pass | Android
First, as mentioned above, call your bank and activate your internet banking.
Now open PUBG Mobile on your phone.
Then tap Royal Pass (RP).
Once you tap on Royal Pass, you will see the upgrade option. Play it
Choose the Royal Pass of your choice. You can buy Elite Pass at 1800 UC in addition to 600 UC or Elite Pass.

Note: To purchase Royal Pass, you will need UC on your game account.

If you do not have the required UC, you can buy and buy the amount of UC you need.
After tapping the required UC, you will be asked to enter the Google payment method.
Enter all your payment details such as your card or credit number and complete the UC purchase transaction

When the transaction is complete, UC will be added to your gaming account, where you can purchase the Royal Pass of your choice.
How to Buy PUBG Mobile Royal Pass | Telenor SIM users


Open PUBG Mobile on your smartphone.
Touch shopping to buy UC first. If you have the required UC, you can skip this step.
Once you tap on the UC of your choice, you’ll be prompted to add Google’s payment method.
Now tap on “Use Telenor Billing” from the given options.
Enter all the details and you’re done with your UC purchase.


Note: Prepaid customers must have mobile credit to purchase these UCs.

After purchasing UC, go to the Royal Pass option and tap on Update.
You can buy Elite Pass at 600 UC or Elite Pass Plus at 1800 UC.
Select the Royal Pass you like and tap Buy Royal Pass. UC will be deducted from your game account.

Note: The above method is for Android phone users only. IOS users cannot buy Royal Pass this way.

How to Buy PUBG Mobile Royal Pass
Go to this link (
Next, enter your PUBG player ID.

Note: If you have a credit card (Master or Visa) you can buy a Royal Pass this way.


After a successful transaction, CU will be added to your game account.
Open the game on your mobile and tap on Royal Pass.
Then tap Update.

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