PUBG Mobile: Season 17 Royale Pass reward leaks rewards

Pub Mobile: Season 17 Royal Pass Awards leaked and Tire Awards confirmed

Guarantee leaks and benefits:

PUBG Mobile War has become a very popular name in the royal category. The game is known for its high quality animated graphics and features.

With each new term, the game is issued a new royal license. This includes new clothes, weapon skins, and weapons completion, as well as test cards and more. In this article, we take a look at PUBG Mobile Season 17’s latest Royal Pass Award and Tire Award Leak certification.

Pub Mobile: Season 17 Royal Pass Gifts:

RP Award Level 1:Season 17 RP 1 reward (Image Via Mad Tamizha YT)


Season 17 Royal Pass has been given a micro UZI mask. The skin looks shiny and will be a significant addition to any player’s list. The Micro UZI is one of the most powerful submarine guns ever.

RP Series 90 Prizes:

Season 17 RP 90 reward (Image Via Mad Tamizha YT)

When the Season 17 Royal Password reaches 90 degrees, players are offered an attractive M16A4 mask. The M16A4 weapon uses 5.56 mm ammunition and has two modes of firing, single and blast.

RP Series 100 Prizes:

Season 17 RP 100 reward (Image Via Mad Tamizha YT)

The Ranking 100 Award is an anticipated Elite Royal Pass award each season. For the 17th season, players can find mythical orange and yellow themed outfits.

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PubMed Mobile: Season 17 Layer Award:

Gold Layer Award:

Season 17 gold tier reward (Image via Mad Tamizha YT)

Players will receive incredible suits to reach the gold tire in the 17th season. The prize includes 600 pieces of silver from the PUBG mobile game.

Platinum Level Award:

Season 17 Platinum tier reward (Image via Mad Tamizha YT)

The Platinum Prizes for Season 17 are the skin that completes the Gold Tire Award. In addition to the mask, players will also receive 800 pieces of silver.

Diamond Tire Award:

When the diamond level is reached, players will get amazing AWM soon. This is one of the best weapons skins for AWM in the game. The second prize of the series is 1000 pieces of silver.

Aka Level Prize:


The S-Tire Award is a parachute cover for the 17th season of Peb G Mobile and the 17th season is written in fancy letters. With 1,600 pieces of silver, a player will receive a legendary gear effect for the next season of the game, the 17th Ace title and the 17th S tag.


The winner is PUBG Mobile VIP League. It is the dream of every athlete to reach the mark of their honor and improve their profile in the 17th season, winner level prizes winner’s frame, mythical costume effect, 17th winner’s title, 17th The winner has a name tag and 2,000 pieces of silver.

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